How We Dealt with The Corona Virus

Dear Diary,

I know, I know....why did we go to San Felipe during this crazy time? Well, because we had it planned for so long and I honestly just wanted to get away from it all. I didn't want to deal with grocery stores, I didn't have Evan this weekend. So, I (we) made the decision to take off. It turned out to be a great decision and a great time. I took my dad with me just to be extra safe.

That made me feel better AND it made my mom feel better, too. I called my kids to let them know I where I was going and that it was going to be fine. I have a Sentri pass so if they did close the borders, I was pretty sure I'd be ok. Antonio has one, too. And, he is American, so we felt safe. I trusted my gut, which told me that we were going to be just fine. And, I have to admit this, I am excitement. It's probably not a great thing to be addicted to. I just love a good adventure. So, off we went.

We hit our favorite little spot along the way for food.

I taped a business card to the wall of cards. Can you spot it?

The drive was beautiful. It takes you along the coast and then through the mountains before you end up back at the ocean, the warn side. It was gorgeous out there in San Felipe. The weather was perfect, the people were so chill. No one was talking about COVID-19. No one. It was so refreshing. And, yes, I washed my hands and used sanitizer and didn't shake anyone's hand. I used common sense.

We arrived around 6pm. This is from Saturday evening when we first got there. A little breezy, as you can see.

There were plenty of people cruising around the main drag. We hit up a couple of places (so he could have some beers) and I could eat.

There was a bar that we couldn't remember the name of where we met this funny guy. That was back in September. We really wanted to find him again, so we searched a few bars until we spotted him! Yay! He friended me on Facebook so now I have a friend in San Felipe. His name is Jorge. Oh, the stores Jorge has. haha

We ended up at Fat Boys for pizza and hot wings. I liked the sign they had hanging in the doorway. Haha Oh I snuck another business card on one of the "decorations" they had above the bar.

We stayed at a place called Costa Azul. It was right on the beach. Not very fancy or anything like that. Actually, far from it, but I liked it because it wasn't fancy. It was perfect.

Sunday morning, we took a long walk along the beach and enjoyed the serenity of it all. I purposely didn't open my phone to look at the news. I wanted to remain in my little bubble for just a few more hours.

This is how Antonio dealt with it all.

Evan was texting me some wants and demands from inside her dads house. Her dad's house has everything so she wanted to make sure OUR house was fully stocked when she comes back on Tuesday. She asked for toilet paper (check) hand sanitizer (check) snacks (not the crazy Mexican ones tho..haha. Check) AND tamales (check.)

I love San Felipe. It's full of beauty, a little crazy, a little dusty, but always a fun time.

We took off around 1pm on Sunday. I hope we get to go back soon. I really love it when the water is warm. In March, not so warm.

On the drive home, we talked the whole time. I was asking him all sorts of uncomfortable questions (as I tend to do.) One of the questions was : "When did you know that you loved me." Of course, in Antonio fashion, he says "Uh not yet." But, then he answered. I know I should keep this stuff private, but you won't say anything , right?

He said, "I see you as my other half now. You are a part of me. When you are not with me, there is a piece missing. It's like I am without an arm and a leg. You're part of me now."

That was the nicest thing he has ever said to me!!! Wow! In the hotel room, as we were getting ready to go walk around, he told me that I looked beautiful. I just laughed and said "Shut up. You're mean! haha" I truly thought he was being sarcastic because my hair was falling out of my ponytail and my makeup was smeared under my eyes (I thought.)

I blew it. He meant it, and I just laughed it off. I felt bad. I'm going to be better about stuff like that from now on.

Oh, I have to tell you about Friday night! We went to Mary's surprise 80's-themed birthday party! Delana managed to pull it off! I was so impressed. We danced all night and had such a blast. Mary is such a special person. She has a calming presence which always makes me feel at ease. She has a big position at our stations, yet she is humble and sweet. Some of her life-long friends got up and spoke about her. Everyone said that she was the most thoughtful, generous person with the most wicked sense of dry humor. It was so cool to witness. Here are some pics. The first one is Mary. Then Delana. And, Coe Lewis was there, too! I was thrilled to see her face!

And, that's the pretty Tori Peck, San Diego's traffic sweetheart. I just love her.

Ok, Diary, it's time to face the real world now. I'm going to put my big girl pants on and do what needs to be done. I wish you and your family health and peace during this trying time in our lives.

See you next week. I have attached a link to the Laura Cain After Dark Podcast. Maybe you'll want to take a listen to escape the news for a bit. Love you guys!

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