My Best Mother's Day Eva!!!

Dear Diary,

At the 11th hour I decided to head on up to my mom's house in Rancho Cucamonga to see her. I was so scared because of this whole Covid thing. My mom is in her late 70's and I want to protect her at all costs. However, she said her wish was for Evan and I to come on up, eat homemade tacos and watch the new 90 Day Fiance together...six feet apart and sanitized up. I jumped on the chance to do that. I haven't seen her in person since January. I realize how lucky I am to still have a healthy, happy mom that I can visit anytime I want to. That fact is not lost on me. I know lots of friends who don't have their moms anymore. That breaks my heart. What a sad day yesterday must have been for some. I wasn't going to pass up this chance to see her, so off to Rancho Cucamonga we went yesterday.

We had an absolute blast. At one point, my mom said, "Just take off that damn mask!" haha. I made sure to stay far away from her, though. We had the best time watching our fav show 90-Day Fiance with my sister, Jenny, and niece, Faith. We all screamed at the very end of the 2 hour show. It was hilarious. Then, Ev and I drove home. I am so so glad we made the decision to go. What a fun memory we made.

My Mother's Day was awesome. It started at 5am, when Antonio jumped on my bed and yelled "Happy Mother's Day." He had a giant package in his hands.

Look what he got me! A super cool piece of metallic art from Mexico. I am in love with it. He got it from a man who makes this kind of art in Rosarito. Look!

He also got me a piece of art that I came across a long time ago while I was down there. You know I collect religious art, so this was such a wonderful surprise. It's now hanging in my living room, the heart of the house.

Handblown glass and everything. It is the coolest! Evan says our house is starting to look like a shrine. haha.

Speaking of Evan, that sweet angel, she made me the card of all cards. I mean, this thing must have taken her days to make. The detail, the thought behind each page and each letter is not lost on me. I just have to share some of it with you. She is my sunshine. We joke that we should be on that TLC show called sMothered, because we can't get enough of each other. Here's the card.

This part is all the quotes she got from Charlie.

I love how even the microphone has a little on and off switch. She is one amazing being. How did I get so lucky? And, I woke up to a super sweet text from Charlie. Oh my gosh, being a mom is my favorite thing on earth. Thank you, God, for these incredible people I get to call my kids. I am so grateful. We laugh so much.

Antonio also brought back some great masks from Tijuana. Look at how I'm rockin this look. I mean, c'mon. haha

He also got me this one!

Oh, and my friend Bill sent me this pic from when Charlie was a little baby. This was our first Christmas card as a family. Isn't he just the funniest, cutest baby! And, Dave said he was ok with me posting this. I'm so glad we have come to a place of respect and friendship.

Ah, I used to be so young. Dang. I'm trying not to say that getting old sucks. It doesn't. It's awesome. All the things we get to go through and witness make us better, stronger people. I'm not going to talk about the possible hot flashes I've been having lately. Maybe I'm just hot sometimes. Ugh. Oh, well, we all go through stages, right?

I'm going to end this with a song that we were listening to on the way home last night. It's not a new song, but Evan says it makes her so happy when she hears it, so in honor of my precious girl, here it is. Oh, and a link to the Laura Cain After Dark Podcast, too.

See you next week, Diary.

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