It's The Little Things...

Dear Diary,

It's not so easy writing a diary about what I did this week because I sure didn't do much. There isn't all that much to do these days, right? It's the little things that make me so happy, like these plants we just got from Home Depot. Jasmine...ahhh...the smell is intoxicating. It reminds me of when Charlie was a little tiny infant. We had a jasmine plant right outside his nursery window. The smell will always remind me of my boy.

Evan and I made cookies and painted pots yesterday. As you can see, I went all out (even tho it's not quite finished) and Evan completely lost interest as you can see. haha.

I just got off the phone with Charlie. He called me this morning at 10 and we just got off the phone at 11:30. Gosh, I miss him but thank the Lord for FaceTime (or Google Duo.) He was making breakfast and talking about moving in with his girlfriend (gulp.) I am totally okay with it because I lived with a boyfriend during my last year of college. I ended up marrying that fella.

Here's a screen shot. We look super serious in this one but the next one is how we mostly looked...happy.

Yay. He's growing his hair out again. I love that look on him. When he shaved his head last year I cried. All that glorious hair in the trash! He promised not to do it again.

He's doing so great in Eugene. He's has a good job at Albertson's, he's loving school and he's going back to the University of Oregon in the Fall (fingers crossed.) He had to take his general education classes at the community college because we couldn't afford the university last year. Sucks. I feel so bad about not being able to give him a free, stress-free ride through all four years. He seems to be managing just fine, though. He might even come out of this whole thing with a better appreciation for higher education. I dunno. I'm just so glad he is a happy person. That is all I care about. He's happy and healthy and he has a roof over his head. We are all good.

Evan and I went to work together this weekend at Star 94.1. I got to do the 5pm-12am shift on Saturday. I was soooo excited. She made a few little cameos throughout the night. So fun!

Last weekend was supposed to be the Opening Weekend for her school's production of Frozen. She landed the role of ELSA! We were thrilled. But, then, Corona hit. It, along with all the other things, was cancelled. That one hurt. I sure hope they get to do the show in the Fall or next year. She would've made an awesome Elsa.

Antonio and I went to Home Depot to get some plants and shelving at the butt crack of dawn on Sunday. I was so bored while he was shopping for boards.

Like my mask? Antonio got that one and this one for me in Tijuana.

Oh, and I can't wait to bust this one out.

Look what else he found down there. A Corona Virus pinata! It is so bad! It has bats on it and a Chinese man. So rude! Well, it's pretty inconsiderate in my opinion, anyway.

And, he brought this back from his place in TJ. He actually thought I'd like this old crumpled t-shirt. Yikes!

I think I can almost rock this look, somehow, without being ridiculed. Hmmm. Dunno about that. haha.

Oh, I forgot to mention something great that Evan is a part of. Her and her classmates have created an online newspaper called The QuaranTimes. It's written by a bunch of her classmates. A new edition comes out every week. Is there anything this girl can't do? I'm so proud of her.

This is the song we used to sing together every night before we went to sleep. I bought the wood pic at HomeGoods a while back. (Gosh, I sure miss shopping!!!)

Hey, if you are feeling bummed out right now, don't stress, I'm feeling you. It's been hard being with myself, my true self, these last few months. No fake nails, eyelashes, hair extensions. Nada. That's all just surface stuff, but it still has an effect on my psyche. I am trying to meditate a least 5 minutes a day. I pray and I write down my worries on a piece of paper and I put it in my "God Box." It's a little wooden box that symbolizes God and his ability to take things off your shoulders. God, Buddha, Jesus, a Higher Power, Mother Nature...whatever resonates with you, connect with that entity. We are all suffering in some sort of way, so just know you're not alone. Email me if you want a pep talk. Love you guys.

See you next week, Diary. I leave you with the soothing voice of James Taylor. And, a link to our podcast. That'll hopefully make you laugh!

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