Man, What a Great Birthday!!!

Dear Diary,

Where do i even start? Well, first off, this one sentence has taken me 10 minutes to type because I have these on...

Antonio has a friend who masked-up and came to do my nails for my birthday. They look so cool, but I cannot type! I will show you my birthday in an array of fun pics. So, on Saturday, Antonio and I hung out all day together. It was great. We got all dressed up because we wanted to, dangit!

That's when I got my nails done.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Evan got dropped off at noon, then we took off to see my momma and sis and niece We all love 90 Day Fiance, so we had my fav dinner, rice and meat, and then watched 4 hours worth of TV. It was the best. I so wish I could hug my momma, but this too shall pass.

On our way home from Rancho Cucamonga, Antonio kept texting me "how long til you are home?" I was being bratty so I just kept replying "Why?" Well, to my great surprise, he set up the patio to look like a birthday wonderland. Look!

Isn't he just the sweetest? I can't tell you what he got me yet because I am saving it for the podcast tonight. We are going live on Instagram and Facebook at 7pm...Laura Cain After Dark. Let me just tell you these gift are so RANDOM...omg...funny and thoughtful! He also made me a card with fun coupons to redeem. Remember making those kinds of cards for your parents? So cute.

THEN, on Monday, while I was fiddling with some tech stuff, Evan calls me "Mom, get out here the front lawn!" I run out there and I hear car horns blaring! There were cars with balloons and colorful writing on the windows slowly making their way down the street. It was a birthday drive-by! All of my neighbors came out and joined the fun. Thank you Linda, Erik, Adrian, Jen, Delana, Mary, Sofia, Evan, Holly and Shelly in the Star 94.1 van! OMG it was the best thing ever. I felt like the coolest, most loved person in the world. Wow. I have some fantastic people in my life.

All I can say is "best birthday ever." The only thing missing was Charlie, other than that it was perfect. Thank you God for my blessings. I have to stop typing now. I am about to rip these nails off! haha.

I leave you with my current fav song. It makes me feel like I'm floating. It is so calming to me.

See you later, Diary!!

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