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I Can't Believe I'm Posting This!

Dear Diary,

I will get to that in a minute. First, I am sitting in the hotel room writing this Diary as my sweet son, Charlie, sleeps in the room to the right of me. I am beyond happy that he's been here in SD for the last few days. He has to leave today, though, and there are no plans in place to see him again anytime soon. I am tearing up as I write this because I am so friggin proud of the person he has become. He's kind, he's compassionate, he's forgiving and smart and funny and just plain good. He's a good human being and I am beaming from the inside out. I just wish he lived here. I wish I could see him every day. Oh, gosh, here come the tears. Man, oh man. What we go through as mothers and fathers, right?

Anyway, the first night he was here, Linda took us to The Comedy Store in La Jolla to see Mal Hall. He was hysterical. It was kind of weird when Charlie asked to see the drink menu. He is 21 after all. Doesn't seem possible.

I told Linda and Erik to come on stage with me after the show was over to get a pic next to the comedy store sign. Charlie wanted no part of this. Smart guy. We got reamed right after this picture was taken. Some dude who worked there stormed over and yelled at us to get off the stage. I always get us into trouble. Here's the pic.

The opening comedian was really funny, too. Charlie says he's seen him on Instagram. I forgot his name but here he is.

That night, Charlie spent the night with me and Evan at the hotel and the next day with his other family. I got him back last night and we laughed and cringed as we watched White Lotus on HBO. Get through the first episode and you're golden. It's so good. Today, we are going to lunch and then back to the airport. This is a pic when Char first got here.

We all pounced on him. And, yes, I am wearing blue eyeshadow. I have been playing around with makeup lately and this was my blue eyeshadow day. Deal with it. haha.

Ok, so now I am about to post something that I don't think I have ever posted in my life...not willingly, anyway. My friend, Maggie, came over to take pics with the unicorn floatie at the hotel pool area. It's such a good photo setting, this hotel. She dressed me up in some gold number and put these crazy glasses on me and clicked away. I am posting these because someday I will look back and love these pictures. Someday, I will see how great I once looked. I'm not saying I think I look great in these pics because I am my own worst enemy. I've always been a little shy about showing my body. But, F it. I'm 50 years old plus and I am going to do what I want. Oprah once said that you will look back on pictures of yourself from 10 years ago and love them, so that's what I am shooting for, So, here they are.

I didn't retouch these too much. I smoothed out some mosquito bites I got on my butt and I changed the colors a bit, but that's all, because what's the point of filtering and slimming your body or softening your chin or smoothing your entire body? It's not real. But, to each his own (is that right?)

On another note, I bought the chair of all chairs on Offer Up this weekend. I am addicted to chairs, I realize that, but this one was too good to be true and I needed to spruce up my very unattractive back patio. Here she is!

Speaking of my's all done! Look at the nice new floors!

I started moving in the stuff we had in the garage. Most of my stuff is in storage somewhere. The Serv-Pro people are bringing it all back sometime soon, I hope.

All I know is that I have a lot of work ahead of me...moving back into my home and lugging all the junk I've accumulated over here at the hotel back to the house. Ugh! I'm sad to leave this place, The Residence Inn on Bayfront Court, It's been a fun, exciting, comfortable, fancy four months and I plan on coming back for a fun staycation someday. Seriously, these people and this hotel are great!

Oh, one more thing! I tried out for a game show last week. I don't think I can tell you details yet, but I had to do a 30 minute Skype interview where I had to play the game. I did very good and I think I might be getting a call pretty soon. I'm not even sure how much money I could win but I do know that I play with celebrities. Kinda exciting!! I'll keep you posted.

Oh, if you can do me a quick favor and subscribe to my You Tube channel, I'd love you forever. I have a whopping 247 subscribers and I'm trying to get more. I need some street cred. I just made a cool video of my home before, during and after this whole mold debacle. I'll post it soon. And I'd love it if you'd listen to my podcast, Laura Cain After Dark, because it's a fun diversion to a stressful day.

Ok, that's all for now (that's enough, right?) Hope you have a great week. See you next week, Diary! Oh, here's a song I love right now.

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