The Bathroom Incident

Dear Diary,

Let me just state that you should always look under the stall to see if someone is in the bathroom with you before having a conversation like the one Evan and I had on Friday night. We went to see Evan Hansen at Fashion Valley at 630pm. The movie was just great. We LOVED it. I'm wondering if you'll love it if you've never seen the play. We enjoyed it so much because we knew every song, except for one, which was a new one just for the movie. Someone told me the reviews were bad for this movie and that Ben Platt doesn't look like a high-schooler. I strongly disagree. I see boys who look like him all of the time when I pick Evan up from school. And, the way they tied the music into the fabric of the movie was amazing. I truly recommend it.

After the movie, Evan had to pee. We went into what we thought was an empty bathroom and I saw myself in the full length mirror. Immediately I screamed "EEEW! Evan look at my outfit! What the heck was I thinking? I don't even think I know how to dress myself anymore. I look so weird. Why on earth did I pull out these sneakers to wear tonight? What's wrong with me?" We were cracking up. At that time, we were both doing our business in stalls next to each other. We were joking around some more and laughing and Evan yells "OMG every time you laugh, your pee comes out faster and harder." We thought that was hysterical. We made our way to the sink and that's when I woman pops out of the third stall. She was kind of looking at us from the side. Finally, as she reached for the towel, she said "I don't mean to interrupt and I don't usually listen to other people's conversations, but you both are so funny. You made my entire night!" Who would've thought. Evan and I get the giggles around 8pm every night. That started during lockdown. Remember when I laughed so hard one night, I peed the couch? Well, that's kind of our MO. Here's what Evan posted on her Snapchat. She wanted her friend to rate my outfit.

On the way home from the movie, we saw this....

Modern bathroom interior

Photo: Getty Images

Who would flaunt that?

This weekend was just perfect. I did absolutely nothing and loved every minute of it. I watched a helluva lot of TV. I recommend the following shows..

  1. Lula Rich. Whoa. Remember that leggings craze a few years ago? Well, the story behind it is insane.
  2. Rihanna's Savage Fenty Show Number Two. Are you even kidding me? I didn't know people could move like that. It makes me want to live in lingerie.
  3. Goliath. I'm on season four now and it's a trip. I can't tell if Billy Bob is dreaming through this whole thing or if it's real. Season One is great if you want to get started.
  4. I tried to watch Cinderella. I really tried...for about 20 mins. Cool concept using current songs in the movie but overall it was too much. Didn't dig it.
  5. Of course, my entire Sunday is all about 5pm-7pm. 90 Day Fiancé, baby. I just got Discovery Plus so I've been watching all the juicy tell-all stuff they couldn't put on TV. Love it all.

Other that that I ran a few errands and ate a bunch of stuff.

I finished my painting last week. It was very therapeutic and very frustrating at the same time. I want to torture myself and start another one of a water turtle. I'm just happy I was able to finish this one before that crazy rainstorm hit us.

As you can see, the painting is outside. That rain came from nowhere and I was stuck in my car with Elvis. I had to run about 200 feet to the dog grooming place. There was no other parking. I had nothing with me, no jacket, no umbrella so I had to just take a breath and run into it full force. I had just curled my hair and done my makeup, too. This is my after. At least my lipstick stayed on.

It'll be three weeks tomorrow that I had my surgery. Time flies. I feel great and I'm starting to learn the power of the boob. I had no idea, obviously. I go back to see Dr. Swistun at La Jolla Cosmetic today. That's him on the screen behind me. Nicest, most gently doctor ever and he gave me cleavage. God bless him.

Oh, one more thing...

Maia, Charlie's girlfriend posted this picture on her Instagram. I mean, I know I'm his mom and everything, but dude, Charlie needs to model. He'd make money, I think. Maia is model material, too. She already has an agent. She said he was hating the whole experience, yawning the whole way through it. Well, deal with it, Charlie. The University of Oregon is not going to pay for itself.

See you next week, Diary. And, make sure you listen to Laura Cain After Dark. New episodes drop Tuesday and Thursday after 4pm. Here's a link.

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