The Trip of a Lifetime!

Dear Diary,

Before I get to the Big Trip...

As I sit here writing this, a man has put up a ladder and is climbing on my roof just outside my patio. He's a painter and he can see right into my living room where I sit and do traffic. I have to go cover up because I'm wearing something skimpy and my hair is sticking up on end. I'll be back (as Arnold would say.)

Now, the trip. Evan and I went to Boston to look at colleges last week and we had the world's best time. It started off in the airport where I got sad realizing that Evan will probably be far away next year at this time. How am I going to deal? Empty nesters help me out here.

Here was our airport/airplane/travel fit (as the kids say.)

We got to our hotel in downtown Boston around 530pm. This was our view from the DoubleTree

After we put our stuff down we changed and cruised the streets of Back Bay, Boston Common and the Theater District.

We grabbed a quick dinner at Tastee Burger, walked down to Newbury street to find the giant H&M and then we walked back.

That was the earliest night we retired to the hotel room. The rest of the days and nights were filled to the brim.

Day Two: Woke up, took the "T" to Northeastern University for a tour of the college. Most of what I shot were videos. I plan on making a little iMovie, so I don't have a whole lot of pictures of the college. Here's one.

We then took the train back to Boylston Station and walked back to Newbury Street to check out the Nike store. Evan tried on the cutest pair of blue and white high top Air Force Ones (I think they are Air Force Ones.) When she reached in to try on the second shoe, it was red! Mismatched shoes on purpose. So cool. We had to get them. I got some, too.

We left our old shoes behind and walked to Emerson for a tour of the theater department.

Super cool because it just looks like a city block! She wasn't thrilled that there was no real campus feel. After dinner at a sushi place, we decided to get tickets to "Stomp" which was playing at the theater at Emerson.

Day Three:

Woke up and walked to Prudential Center for the Duck Tour. Our tour guide was hilarious and as Boston as one could be. He kept calling Evan "Taylor Swift!" The Duck Tour is just like the Seal Tour here in SD. It's a vehicle that also goes into the water. Here's our guide.

Here, he is pointing to Moderna headquarters.

We picked up a rental car and ventured over to Boston University where one of Charlie's friends, Briana, gave us a tour.

After a trip to the bookstore we drove to get our nails done. We both got acrylics..Evan's first time.

Flaunting a little Laura Cain After Dark up in there, as you can see. haha

THEN we drove to Rhode Island where we met up with Evan's step sis, Sofia and step-bro, Sam. They go to Providence College and Brown. It was so late when we got there that we only had time to grab a piece of pizza at a local joint before heading back to the hotel. Sunday was even crazier!

We woke up in Providence, RI, took a train to Boston and had the crazy cool opportunity to go to the Red Sox Game at Fenway. Thank you, Claudia! The fever of that town is contagious. I was immediately a Sox fan. We had the best seats, right behind home plate. Look.

Then we got moved closer to the field. Look!

We got moved again up to a box! Claudia knows people. Look!

And to our delight, we got on the jumbotron! I wish I had a video of that. We were just spazzing out and jumping up and down.

We were up til 1am that night. This was me on the train ride home.

On Monday, we drove back to Boston, toured Harvard, which is straight up out of Harry Potter. Here one of the libraries.

The legend is that if you touch the toe of Mr. Harvard, you'll get in.

We got invited to another playoff game! So we jammed back to Cambridge, checked into the Double Tree and took an Uber to Fenway. Our seats? First row on the Green Monster!

They won again. The city was on fire (figuratively.) That day we walked 10 miles altogether. We could've walked to our hotel but we made such a circle of a detour, we had to take an Uber to get back. 42 dollars later we were back at our hotel. Next day, up at 530am. That hurt. Then back to SD. What a wonderful, memorable trip. Evan really liked Boston University above them all. I loved Harvard. I'm not the one going to college, though. Thank you for this trip, Claudia. Can you believe this was her Christmas present to us? Amazing. Ev goes to NYC with Claudia at the end of this month to look at colleges there, too!

Oh my gosh, this is a long Diary. One more thing, Evan was nominated to the Homecoming Court at her school. The big Homecoming celebration and football game was Friday night. She looked so pretty. Two dudes won. Two kings. And they weren't even a couple. I dunno what to think.

I'll end this super long post with a pic of my sweet baby boy who's become super interested in snuggling lately. We call him

Oh, and here's a link to my podcast.

See you soon. Diary.

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