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Blood Money

Dear Diary,

My mom was horrified when I told her this story. Don't be horrified. It's actually kind of cool.

I have been selling my plasma for money and because of it, I was able to make my rent this month. Sounds like some back-alley deal but it's not. I was introduced to the plasma center by Antonio's son, who works there. It takes a few hours the first time you donate because you have to go through a physical and answer a crap -ton of questions. Plus, they test your blood, take your vitals and weigh you. Because of this, I found out that I've gained 9 pounds! Ok. Next time I am going to tell the nurse not to tell me my weight! Anyway, I made it through all the tests and was able to donate life-saving plasma, which they use to make medications and such. I got paid $150 the first time I donated and $150 the second time. You can only donate twice in one week. I see why. They take what seems like a gallon of plasma (the watery part of blood.) You can see the big bottle filling up right beside you. Guess what? I'm pretty sure that when I donate again today that I make $175! I've hit the jackpot! haha. So, not only have I made rent, I paid for Evan's theater snacks ($33) and a pedicure ($30.) Today, I'm going to buy some groceries with my blood money. Again, my mom was alarmed, but I see it as a good thing. Reading this back the scenario sounds a bit pathetic. But, it's really not. I am being paid for a service. It just so happens to involve my blood. No biggie. Ok, I can't make this sound any better. So, I'll just stop right here.

The big thing this week is Evan's school musical, Frozen, which happens on Friday and Saturday at 6pm. It's going to be live-streamed so anyone can watch from anywhere. At first, I didn't like the fact that I couldn't see her in the theater, but because of COVID the kids cannot perform in front of a live audience. They even have to perform wearing clear masks. So, Evan has to sing and act while wearing a heavy brown braided wig, a poofy skirt, heels and a clear mask. Holy smokes that's gotta be hard. If you want to support Francis Parker's production of Frozen, here's the flyer.

She's playing the grown-up Anna. There's a little girl Anna, too. I cannot even wait! Here's the link if you want to buy tickets. Your kids will love it.

My other kid, Charles, came home for Thanksgiving. It was just great. He has turned out to be such a wonderful, beautiful, caring, kind, smart, compassionate, fair young man. I couldn't be prouder of him. He finishes college at the University of Oregon, God-willing, in June. So, I will have a college graduate and a high school graduate next year! June is going to be very busy. I'm going to be very sad; I think. Me, and empty-nester. I don't like it at all. I'm already depressed! Ahh! Here are some shots of when Charlie was here.

He was on my podcast, Laura Cain After Dark, the week of Thanksgiving. Here is a link...

We spent Thanksgiving at Claudia's house. If you told me 10 years ago that I would be at her house with my kids I would tell you you're crazy. We haven't had the most loving relationship in years past, actually quite the opposite. But things change. People change. Circumstances change. Nothing is impossible. Forgiveness is so healing. She wrote this in a card recently, "like it or not, we are family." haha. I wrote her a note "Like it or not, we are family and I happen to like it."

One last you like these shoes?

See you later, Diary.

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