I Made That Human Being!

Dear Diary,

To say I am a proud parent is an understatement. To say that I am a frustrated parent is an understatement. Evan performed her little heart out on Friday and Saturday night. She played Anna in Disney's Frozen, performed by Francis Parker middle and high school students. What a great production. It was streamed live via YouTube, which I watched with Jodie and Penny the first night. I recorded a bunch of scenes from the TV. I was all excited to post a video of her singing, but because of licensing and all that jazz I cannot. Believe me, this pains me because all I want to do is show the world this kid of mine. Oh well. Maybe some point in the future I'll be able to. The video I made is funny because it includes our comments in the background. Her mic wasn't working for like 10 seconds in the beginning scene and I make a big fuss like a total stage mom. Then, during her first big moment where she belts out "In the first time in forever..." I yell at the dog and drop the phone. Great. It's pretty funny, though. Here are some still shots from the show.

And yes, she is wearing a clear mask. Even though there was no physical audience, the kids still had to wear those covid masks. Ugh. Imagine how hard that must have been!

I dug up a pic of Evan's first performance in front of an audience of more than just two parents. It was her preschool Christmas show.

I truly believe she is destined to do this. When she was tiny, like four and five, she used to get all dressed up in anything she could find and put on dancing, singing and acting shows.

That last picture was her kindergarten Halloween costume. She's wearing my clip in extensions with a wad of fake 100's. She was a Real Housewife. haha.

On Saturday night, I tried to screen record the performance because I was headed out with the girls from traffic department. Our reservations were at 630 and the show started at 6 and I was the driver. In other words, I couldn't watch much of it live and the screen record didn't work. Luckily, it was on YouTube for a few hours after.

The girls and I got all dressed up and went to Manhattan La Jolla. I needed to show them the fun piano player dude, Tad. Plus, the food is delicious. We had a blast. I'm so lucky I get to work with these women, although we aren't in the studio together right now. Maybe in the near future. So, it was really special to spend time with Tori, Jen and Melissa

I loved the dress I wore that night. It's metallic brown and it fit perfectly. The best part? It was from Shein for $11.21. The shoes I bought from Ross for $23. Jessica Simpson. Here's my attempt at a mirror selfie.

I felt so cute that I actually texted two possible booty call recipients. Denied by both. Ouch. It's better though because these are guys I should be leaving in the past, ya know?

I stayed up late on Saturday night to watch the new Sandra Bullock movie called Unforgiven. It was so good. It's on Netflix, where I am currently watching Cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model with Evan. We love this show so much. I'm not allowed to watch it without her.

See you later, Diary.

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