Do You Remember Me, Diary?

Dear Diary,

Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I've been neglecting you. Yes, I have way too much to tell you. Let me start by saying that last week I was going to check in, but I was having trouble typing because I just got fake nails. Luckily or unluckily, I picked them all off so now I have stumps again. As Erik says, it looks like I've been digging for potatoes. Haha.

So, let me just start with what's on top of eyes. I just got lasik surgery at LASIK MD on Friday and I am happy to report that I am typing this on my computer without glasses and it hasn't even been 72 hours. I tried on my readers just to see what would happen and they made my vision worse! This LASIK thing really works. I got what's called "mono vision." One eye sees perfectly far, and one eye sees perfectly near. So in a matter of weeks my brain will assimilate the two and I'll have perfect vision all around. The procedure was a piece of cake. Well, not so fast. They gave me something to mellow me out, so I didn't get too nervous with a machine near my eyeballs. I had a most hilarious reaction according to my friend, Maggie, who drove me. I was talking about the pretty pink dress she had on, yet she wasn't wearing a pretty pink dress. I ate a Taco Bell Crunchwrap in the car with my eyes closed and most of it ended up in my lap or on the car seat. I don't even remember eating it! But, after a nap, I felt great.

I am only bummed that I cannot wear my fake lashes for another week. I'll just wear sunglasses, even at night. Erik thinks I look like I'm 12 years old without eye makeup and with my new shorter hair. I think I may look like a "just hit puberty" scary 12 year old girl. Not sure that's a compliment. haha. This was me when I was 14, so yah, not so cute. I can't believe I'm showing this to you!

So, today I have a Facetime call with a prospective roommate. She's a travelling nurse who'll be here at least 3 months. That's all I know so far. Here's the room for rent. It's quite bland, but I'm thinking of getting a big picture above the bed and a new bedspread.

Of course Elvis has to be in the middle of everything. Here's what the bathroom looks like. Pretty nice because it was just redone because of my summertime mold issue.

This is the main room...livingroom...that I hope she doesn't feel like hanging out in. haha. Is that mean?

Antonio is planning on moving out at the end of the month. A lot of his stuff is already gone. I'll miss him being around. He was a most excellent roommate. Not that great of a boyfriend because of the cheating, but a great roommate. I'll be able to get more money for the room than he was paying. And, in his new living situation, he will be able to save money to buy a new truck. Win-win.

Since I haven't updated you in so long, here are a couple of quick hits.

Here's my new hair...shorter without extensions. I don't like it at all, but whatever. I can deal for a little while.

On New Year's Eve, I made Antonio come with me to the Lamplighter for 15 minutes to bring in 2022. I was in my PJs and no makeup at 11pm. I managed to rally and slap on makeup and a dress. Here's my cool outfit. The dress is from and it was $13! The coat is from there, too. I think it was $22.

Speaking of dresses, my friend, Lisa, showed me this magnificent dress the other night. It's only $38! Do I need this? Honestly, should I buy this just so I have it in case of some fabulous invitation? $38!!!

Last week, we got rid of Bobby, the skeleton pirate we used to put out for Halloween. I bought this guy when Evan was 2 years old. He used to dance and sing, but that went away a while ago. Now he just takes up space in the garage and his arm is falling off and he lurches to one side. I would keep him forever, but I realize that next Halloween Evan won't even be here. It was time. Before the trash guy could pick him up, someone stole him in the middle of the night. So, Bobby is living a whole new life somewhere. Hopefully not some sicko type of situation.

I picked these quotes off the interwebs recently. I think they're good,

Finally, a change in my podcast, Laura Cain After Dark. We are down to just two of us now, Erik and me. Linda decided to leave to focus on work. I sure appreciate everything she did for the podcast. It sure was fun with her, but Erik and I will continue to forge on. We hope this year will be our best one yet. We are going on three years of doing this thing! Crazy! Anyway, new episodes drop on Tues and Thurs at 4pm, in case you're curious and here's a link.

OH MY GOSH, I almost forgot to tell you that today is CHARLIE CAIN'S 22 BIRTHDAY! It's crazy how much I love that human being. He has turned into the most wonderful man. He's thoughtful, compassionate, kind and fair. I love him infinity. I hope he has the world's best year. And I hope his day is as amazing as he is. So, I will end this Diary with a few pictures of him and a picture of my other boy, Elvis, who now sleeps on top of my chest every night! (I love it, though!)

See you later (hopefully next week), Diary.

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