So Many Things, So Many Things

Dear Diary,

Just so you know, I am typing this with new nails and a keyboard where the "y" key is stuck so this is going to take me a while. I love you so much that I am dealing with these obstacles to update you on my crazy life. (Those two sentences took me 3 minutes to produce. Do you realize how much you use the "y" key?)

Here are the aforementioned nails. What do you think of the color? The nail lady said they look sexy. I'm not so sure. They're different, that's for sure.

Superbowl was awesome, I thought. I loved the half-time show. Eminem is my all-time boyfriend. I definitely wanted him to do another song. I think all those performers...Snoop, Dre, Kendrick, 50, Mary and Marshall should go on tour together. How massive would that be? The game was great. Rams, baby, only because that's where I grew up. haha.

Speaking of concerts. Antonio's friend gave him tickets to a show at the Sports Arena (Pechanga) on Friday night at 7pm. The show started at 730pm. We were at Sammy's Woodfire Pizza enjoying a gift card that I had in my wallet. Love that and chopped chicken salad, of course, and Brussell sprouts topped off with a messy sundae! I ate my weekend allotment of food in one sitting.

We have been hanging out, as friends, lately. Since he moved out I've seen him quite a few times. When we were at the Love Jam concert for 20 minutes (he had to work at 5 am the next day) he looked at me with googly eyes and said "I love you, Laura." Crap. I didn't say it back because I'm not feeling that way again. He had me once and blew it. My heart is not to same when it comes to him. Will it ever be back to love? I don't know! But, I hugged him and thanked him. I do love him as a person. I think he's great, but he did damage and I am not ready to let him back in. Plus, I want to date other people. I feel bad about this. He actually told me he loved me twice that night. Once at Sammy's and once at the concert.


My roommate situation is working out great. She's sweet and talkative and interesting and neat. I love her. I truly believe that God, or my Daddy, put her in my path. She is the only person I responded to when
I placed the ad and she's the only person I interviewed. I didn't need to look any further! You know who else God and my Dad put in my path? Bee Tillman. I met him while walking around OB with Stacey and her sister. He was selling these cool T-shirts and beanies, socks, and sweatshirts. I asked him if he could design a logo for my podcast. I then asked him if he could help me figure out some podcast equipment and YouTube. He told me he had a master's in video design and production...something like that. Boom! We exchanged info and so far this person has helped me tremendously. Here he is after two painstaking hours of teaching me live-streaming...

Here are some of his designs. I just love them.

These are just the ones I own. So, we had him on the podcast and we had Tommy in studio (my kitchen) last week. He is my brother. We could reminisce for hours about the Jeff and Jer days, which we did on the podcast. Tommy will always be one of my dearest, most treasured friends.

Two more things...I took Elvis to Dog Beach in OB last week. He absolutely loved it. Evan and I took him back on Sunday. He tuckers out quickly!

Look at the fancy outfit Aunt Maggie bought for him. Despite his happy face, he hated it. He wouldn't move from that spot until it was off.

And, Evan had her Winter Formal, or WinFo as they called it, on Saturday night. Look at these beauties. What an awesome location for pictures. What an awesome city we live in. What awesome weather this weekend.

I guess that was more than two things.

See you later, Diary. (Here's the episode with Bee and the one with Tommy!!)

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