Three Major Milestones in Two Weeks!

Dear Diary,

I've been so emotional lately. I am pretty sure it has to do with the last 10 days. Evan graduated high school, Charlie graduated college and now he's engaged. That's three biggies in not a lot of time. I didn't realize that it would all hit me so hard, but it has. I already told you about Evan's big day. Now, I'll tell you about Charlie's. We (Evan, me, Claudia, Sam and Sofia) flew up to Oregon on Saturday for the Sunday and Monday graduation of Charlie and Maia from the U of O. Here's a little video I made of Charlie's Day.

It was late when we reached their apartment on Saturday night. When we all piled into their little place, it was decorated so boho cute, with candles lit and the bedroom all ready for me and Evan to stay in. I was so impressed with this life he's built in Eugene with Maia. It's just the cutest thing. This is the first time in almost a year that I got to hug this body. I've missed him so much.

Maia painted this awesome picture for one of her final college projects.

Over the next three days and two graduations, we met my soon-to-be (if soon is 2024) daughter in-law's family. Phew that's a mouthful! First, this is sweet, adorable, ethereal Maia.

This is Maia's mom. We were trying to figure out what we would be to each other when Charlie and Maia marry. What are the moms called? Moms-in-law? Co-moms?

And, that would be a yes, I am holding a sandwich. haha.

Her father, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins were all such fun, lovely people. How lucky are we to gain such an awesome, solid family someday! Here are some cool pics of the fiancés! These pics are perfect for their announcements, if they are doing that kind of thing.

Now I need to sing the praises of my only son, Charlie. Proud is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about him and what he's accomplished. His father and I paid for his Freshman year at The University of Oregon, after that, he was completely on his own. He dipped out of U of O the following year to attend community college all while establishing residency in Oregon. He kept up with his studies, became a resident, and returned to U of O with a much more affordable tuition which he paid for on his own. He never gave up, he rarely complained, and he did all of this on his own at the age of 19. He actually did what I did recently and gave blood at the local plasma bank to make ends meet. He did that quite a few times and it made me so sad every time. Then, I turn around and do the same thing. I'm insane.

I sent what money I could, but it was peanuts compared to what he really needed. He manages to balance his finances, keep up his stellar credit score and take all the necessary steps to graduate on time. He did it.

And, the way he treats Maia is precious. He is so tender with her and so attentive and respectful. I raised a fine young man. Well, me and a half dozen other people if you count the major influences in his life up to this point. He turned out so good I just can't stop smiling.

On the flight to Oregon, I remembered the time when we took baby Charlie, three months old, to Northern California on a plane. It was a nightmare! He was so miserable. It seems like that was just a few years ago. Now here I am flying back in that direction to come see him close a chapter and begin a new one. I love watching him grow, succeed, and dream. He had such a rough start that I hope the rest of his days are as smooth as possible.

Let's not discuss a passing comment Charlie made about having kids "as young parents." Not ready to be a Glam-ma just yet! Anyway, here are some photos of the graduation weekend.

Oh, did you know that Oregon charges no sales tax? This is precisely why I just had to purchase these beauties at the Nike store.

Oh, I cannot forget to mention this little nugget. Luka is their two-year-old Cocker Spaniel.

What did you think about my mother-of-a-college-graduate outfit? Too stuffy?

So, here I sit, the calm after the two-week storm. I'm spent. Happy, content, but exhausted emotionally. I will tell you next week about the psychic appointment Alfie and I had yesterday. What a trip!! You won't believe what she said. I just have to save it til next week, Diary. Surely, you understand! Speaking of Alfie, things are going great. No red flags yet, just big green ones. And, I met his momma yesterday, too! Amazing woman!

That was us at The Lot. We went to see the Jurassic Park movie on Father's Day seeing as neither of us has a dad now.

I have to give a shout-out to my traffic girls who I partied with on Saturday night after many many months apart. I threw a little get-together, which turned out to be so fun!

I will end with my latest obsession. His name is Rudy. He's a cactus cutting I took from The Ranchito in Tijuana. He just keeps growing new arms left and right. I check on him maybe five times a day. I love him.

I must be deliriously tired! Oh, here's the latest episode of my podcast. Would love it if you'd give it a listen or watch it on YouTube. And, subscribe, if you would, because it makes me feel so good when our humble numbers go up.

See you next week, Diary.

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