Let Me Get This Out Of The Way

Dear Diary,

I know. I know. Where the heck have I been? Soooooo much has been going on that I don't even know where to start so let me just dive right in with this...

I am now a single woman. I no longer have a boyfriend. The fairytale romance has come to an end. I won't get into details because I don't want to besmirch someone else's name. I would never do that. Suffice it to say, the relationship ran its course. It was fun and it was magical at times but it's over and that is it. I looked up some breakup quotes and these are the ones that most applied.

That last one was a little severe but I love Bob so I included it. That's all I'm really going to say about all that. Thank you for following along on the journey with me.

The other big thing in my life is the complete revival of my bedroom. Thanks to Mr. Erik Rimmer, my BFF, and co-host, my room went from unbearable to stunning. It took us a combined 8 hours to clean and reorganize and redecorate the whole thing. It's not quite done, but it's almost there. As embarrassed as I am, here are the before pics:

Here are the "during" photos:

We found 10, yes 10 bags of hair...extensions, clip-in bangs, wigs, etc. under my bed along with old clothes still on hangers, dog toys, a chewed-up air pod, a dusty old wallet, protein bar wrappers, photos, drawings from the kids, love letters from old boyfriends, a towel, and this:

wth. So here is the room right after Erik helped me fix it and rearrange the furniture:

And these are some pictures I took last night. I have a few things left to do still, but I am in heaven in my new digs. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Look at this cool vanity I got...

And here are the two dressers I bought from Offer Up (love that sight.)

Oh man, I haven't even talked to you since I moved Evan to Fordham in NYC. I thought I was going to be the saddest empty-nester on the planet, but it turns out, we talk more than we did when she was here. We Facetime at least 4 times a day. It's so fun living vicariously through her. Look at this view from her dorm room.

And she send me this picture from a party she went to the other night.

She had an audition her first week of school and she got a call-back. She didn't end up getting the part, but it's still a big deal. She knows that her chosen profession includes a lot of rejection. So, she's doing great.

My sweet boy, Charlie, is also doing great. He's living in Portland now and is in the midst of getting a real person job. He had two interviews within the week. He Facetimed me from a bike ride he did the other day....a 100-mile bike ride! Amazed by that kid. I am so lucky. So very very lucky.

You're just about caught up. I have one product you need to buy if you want heatless curls that last for days. It's this:

I'm still rockin curls from three days ago!

One final thing...if you're a cat-lover, would you buy this?

Don't ask me where I got it. haha.

See you later, Diary.

If you want to hear more about my little announcement, we addressed it on the podcast last night. Plus, I found myself without my underwear outside a building in Hillcrest. Here's a link. Thank you!

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