Halloween Madness and Manifestation Miracles!

Dear Diary,

Remember me? I'm Laura, the single mother of two grown kids who does traffic in the mornings, podcasts at night, and Star 94.1 on the weekends. Remember? It's been a long while. I've been hella busy and kind of lazy at the same time. That's why I haven't written. That, and some things I just didn't want to think about or write about at the time...like my break-up.

No names will be mentioned and no circumstances will be laid out because it is not my jam to besmirch someone's name or character. (I am so excited I got to use the word "besmirch!") Suffice it to say, I was the dumpee and it hurt and I hated it but I have moved on. I think. I still ponder what I could've done differently, but why? It serves no purpose because no reason was given for the dumping. I wish I could tell you how it went down. It would only make you angry and I don't want to do that. So, here I am, on my own again, and I'm good with that for now.

Happy Halloween, by the way. We had a blast at Manhattan La Jolla at the piano bar on Saturday night. And, yes, we were the only ones in costume. I read a poll that said 42% of people will not dress up and NEVER dress up for Halloween. That makes me sad because dressing up is so dang fun. Here's my costume.

I'm medusa in case you have no idea what I'm dressed up as. I had a hard time taking pictures with people because of my giant snake headdress.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? This is me when I was a mere 7 or 8 years old. I spent a week painting this long piece of cardboard, studying every detail of my dad's can. I vividly remember making this costume. I was so proud of it! It was hard to trick-or-treat in but I made it work. I can't imagine what the neighbors thought. But, back then, people didn't really care, I think.

My parents would be reported to CPS these days if I showed up wearing this to school as I did!

Now, let's jump ahead a few years to when I was 11 or 12 years old. I wanted to go as a hooker. I didn't even know what that meant. I just thought it was a lady who wore lots of makeup and a wig...a lady who smoked ciggies and drank beer. So, here I am...mom's baggy pantyhose, my aunt's old wig and a real cig, and a real bottle of beer. And, yes, I went out like that around the neighborhood on Halloween night. Again, my parents would maybe even be arrested these days. Haha.

Maybe one day I will recreate these doozies for Halloween, maybe not.

Oh, I was walking Elvis the other day when I noticed this in someone's backyard.

It's Bobby, the 16-year-old pirate skeleton decoration that I threw out last year! Apparently, my neighbor swiped him up! This makes me so happy. I really didn't want to throw Bobby away, but I thought I did because he's so faded and rundown. Plus, the kids aren't here for Halloween anymore. But, alas, Bobby lives!

There's a Halloween costume contest at work today. I am wondering which costume to put Elvis in. Which one do you like?

Sloth or...

Bumble Bee or...

Ride em Cowboy or...

Willie Wonka? I am torn.

Anyway, I am reading this book, it's a workbook actually, called 3-6-9, The Key to the Universe. It explains the meaning of these numbers at length and how you can manifest anything in life that you want as long as you do it right. So, I followed the instructions and picked out 3 things I want to happen in the next week, 3 things I want to happen in the next year and three things I want to happen in the next five. It had me start with one of the things I want in the next week. Randomly, I chose "I want $1200 to appear in my checking account" and with that, I had to write it down three times in the morning, six times in the midday, and 9 times at night.

Within two days, I received an unexpected tax return in the amount of $1218.51. And with that, I was able to buy the second thing on my list "new hair." CRAZY!!! I will let you know if my third thing on the short-time list comes true. Wow. I was blown away.

If you wanna hear cool spirit and ghost stories and how to make an altar for your loved one to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, listen to last week's Laura Cain After Dark Podcast. Here it is.

And, we (Laura Cain After Dark) are going LIVE in costume tonight for Halloween! All you have to do is go to YouTube or IG at Laura Cain After Dark to watch us! It's going to be a blast. Something you can do while you wait for the trick-or-treaters!

And remember to stop and be grateful for all the blessings in your life.

I've had to remind myself to do this a lot lately. I tend to focus on all the bad little things when I should be rejoicing about all the good little things. The flamingos are a long story. I'll get to that later. Haha. Now, go manifest the heck out of what you want!

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