This Is My New Year's Resolution!

Dear Diary,

I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Laura Cain. I used to write to you all of the time, every week, in fact, but that slowly died down for some reason. My New Year's resolution is to write to you every week just like I used to. I hope that is ok with you. My other NY resoultion is to attend more meetings. Those have fallen by the wayside as well. That's not good when you're a recovering alcoholic like me. So, today I'm headed to my first meeting in about 8 months! I started my resolutions a week late just because I didn't want to feel pressured. haha.

Speaking of New Year's, NYE was so fun. I went out with the girls, one of whom is a reality star from my fav show 90 Day Fiance. Her name is Kim, or Kimbaaaaly as Usman calls her, and she's a blast. This is the third or fourth time we've hung out. I think we are becoming friends and I couldn't be more thrilled. I watched her last night on the Tell All giving it to some of the cast members who certainly deserved it! Here are some pics from NYE.

That last picture was me at 1130pm NYE. I purposely fell asleep before midnight because Evan suggested that I sleep into 2023 because that's yet another one of my get more sleep. So, that's what I did! Felt great!

Now, speaking of Evan, she's been home for the last two weeks and I've been in heaven. I had tears in my eyes when I picked her up from the airport because I haven't been able to touch her since August. We've been having a blast primarily just hanging out and talking and laughing. Our goal was to take a selfie together every day but we missed that goal about three days in. I've been amazed about how much she's grown, not physically but mentally. She's just so mature and she is absolutely thriving in NYC and at Fordham. She just got cast in her first show, which she'll be rehearsing for starting when she returns. I'm planning on flying out in April to see her perform. Here are some pics from our fun days together. I messed with some of the pictures with an app called Lensa. I'll show you more in a bit.

She goes back to Fordham on Sunday. I'll miss her so much. But, on the 20th I'm flying to Portland to see my boy, Charlie, so that'll keep my heart full.

So, I created avatars using the app I mentioned. Look at how cool they turned out. I know, they don't really look like me all that much but I still think I could use them for something. Not sure exactly what yet!

The ones I made of Elvis are hysterical.

My podcast, Laura Cain After Dark, is going well, too! We just got a new backdrop and a new logo. Do you like it?

We are doing a live stream tonight at 7 pm on Instagram and YouTube. We do it every Monday night at that time. Tonight, we have a guy from San Diego Ghost Tours on the show to talk about all the spooky places in SD! Can't wait. If you wanna check it out, here is a YouTube link to our latest episode...

Here's a link if you wanna just listen to it.

You know, no matter what this year may bring, I will be grateful. I was overwhelmed by gratefulness yesterday after I flushed the toilet and walked down my stairs. I know, it sounds like a joke, but think about it. We have the luxury of running water and flushing toilets. We have roofs over our heads. We are the lucky ones. We truly are. I'm going to try to keep that state of mind. When I listen to my sleep manifestation videos at night, one of the main things to properly manifest what you want in life is to live in a state of gratefulness.

I am grateful that you've read this far. I am grateful for you in general and I am grateful for this computer that I'm typing this on. Too much? Haha

See you MONDAY, Diary.

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