It's a Miracle...I'm 16 Years Sober.

Dear Diary,

I am currently doing traffic reports so this Diary may be a little shorter than normal but I must write before too much time passes (I hope I don't screw up on KOGO!)

Anyway, I made it to 16! Yay! Unbelievable considering what I've been through in those years...hideous divorce, three failed relationships, cheating, three lost jobs, money struggles, raising kids (although my kids were so wonderful and easy growing up...I obviously only remember the good times...haha) and just the day to day grind.

This year has been especially rough primarily because I put my program on the back burner. Bad idea. It has helped me get this far so why the heck have I been ignoring it? It's kind of like when you don't go to the gym for a very long time (also true in my case) it's so hard to get there again. Ya know what I mean? And, once you do get there it's like "why did I wait so long? This is great!"

My plan is to officially get my token at a meeting tomorrow. That's my plan. I pray I can make it.

I've noticed my alcoholic behavior creeping up in other areas, like buying crap I don't need and bad time management, among other things. I need to get my head straight or a drink will wind up in my hand sooner than later. Thank God, I don't crave it anymore. That's a Godsend.

Thank you to Tommy, who wrote such a beautiful and touching story about how we pretty much got sober together and how it all went down. Without him, I don't know where I'd be. Thank God for Stacey, my mom, sis, sponsors, countless listeners and friends and Charlie and Evan If it weren't for those two glorious beings, I don't think I'd be here right now. I'd either be in jail or worse. Gratefulness is also a biggie. I live in that state always.

Anyway, if you have cheered me on at any point in this 16 years, you are also the reason I'm still drug and alcohol free, so thank you.

On another note, I went to Hollywood yesterday to shoot a story about being a seat filler at the Oscars. It was a crew from a German TV station. For the lead up to yesterday, listen to Thursday's podcast where Erik and Producer Bryan think it's a human trafficking scam. It's pretty funny. Here's a link to Tuesday's podcast...

Here are some of the pictures from my years of seat-filling that they wanted me to bring with me.

Neil Patrick Harris calling me out on national TV in 2015

Some intoxicated lady who won an Oscar for best documentary let me hold it. Surprisingly heavy!

Me and Anita on the red carpet getting photographed by the paps

Jared Leto, super nice and friendly.

Someone caught me when I flashed on screen sitting in front of the actor from Creed 3, Michael B Jordan.

I won't bore you with the rest. The entire story, which took 5 hours to shoot, will be dubbed over to German so I will never see it. Oh well, they paid me, which was great!

When I returned yesterday, I came home to brand new carpet! My landlord agreed to replace the old, awful, permanently stained brown carpet with fresh new speckled carpet. I am so happy. It smells so good!

Here is my favorite picture of the week. It's Elvis cradling Erik's head after the podcasts this week.

Another cool picture, in honor of National Women's Day, is a collage of all the chicks who work at iHeart here in SD.

And, finally, here's what my head injury looks like today. Still ugly and gross, but on the mend. I slammed it into the shower door after getting up from the toilet a week ago Sunday. Super embarrassing as my roommate found me on the ground with my undies around my ankles. Geez.

Yikes. Hope you have an awesome rest of the week. Here's to another 16 years of sober living.

See you later, Diary.

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