Dating Profile DO's and DON'Ts

It's official. Laura says it's time to get back out in the dating pool and she needs our help to create a kick-butt online profile. She tells us what she's learned about the do's and don'ts, the photos you should never include, and some "prompts" that will get the best responses. Erik and Producer Bryan chime in with their opinions.

AND, we are joined by a surprise guest, dating expert, Dr. Vagine! Oh, what a surprise you're in for.

Our special THIRD co-host for this episode is Leo Giordano, a big-time Laura Cain After Dark fan in Indiana. He's here in San Diego this week for his big "4-0" birthday celebration so we invited him to hang with us. He is also a MASSIVE, MEGA, DIAMOND-status fan of this 80's celebrity. You'll learn more about Leo and hear the sweet things he says about our show. You'll love Leo as much as we do.

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