4th of July Fiasco

Just wait til you hear the crazy, drama-filled Fourth of July fireworks fail Laura experienced this year. You can't make this stuff up!

Laura also spent a hot Saturday morning selling all the crap from her garage at the swap meet. What went wrong and what went so right?

Her son, Charlie, is getting married in less than two weeks. The wedding prep is in full force. Her ideas for the special toast and she shows the boys a few items she's thinking about wearing. Erik and Producer Bryan do not hold back their opinions, as usual!

Erik brings it home with a hearty dose of our showbiz news that we call The Double D News.

Coming up next episode, another bad acting audition to show you and there is a major reunion on the horizon. Just wait until you hear about it.

Thanks for watching and for listening. Means a lot to us.

We hope your Fourth of July weekend was better than Laura's, that's for sure.

Love your podcast!

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