I Asked The Big Question...

Antonio and I were laying in my bed watching Love After Lockup (Thanks for that Tori Peck...now I'm addicted) when one of the people on the show told her inmate boyfriend (one of the them) that she loved him but wasn't IN love with him. Ouch. That hurts.

That prompted me to look into Antonio's eyes and ask him "Do you love me as a person or are you IN love with me?" OMG what did I just say? I quickly turned it into a joke. "Oh I'm just kidding ah hahaha" I was too scared to hear his answer. He asked me "Are you being serious right now?" I said, "Oh, haha, no, I was just asking because that chick just slammed that guy's heart into the ground." Why don't I want to know the answer. Too soon? Maybe.

This morning (yes, he spent the night, but I fell asleep during 90 Day Fiance so you know I was tired) he got up with me at 3:45 am and made me and egg sandwich and coffee. What an awesome guy! Who would do something like that? Only an awesome guy, that's who! I am working a double shift today in the traffic department so that's why I had to wake up so early.

Last night, we went to Phil's BBQ. We were craving it all weekend. Thank you Emily for being so nice to us. Oh my gosh is was delicious. Then we went to Home Depot where we picked up a fire pit that Linda bought for me. She is the most amazing woman on the planet. I mentioned to her that I wanted to fix up my patio so I can actually use it for entertaining instead of a storage area for my Christmas decoration bins, which have been out there since last Christmas. Sad, I know. Well, I mentioned how cool a fire pit could be and BOOM she ordered me one from HD. It's on my patio now.

Antonio is going to help me put up those fun lights from my patio overhang to the fence in a "V" formation. I also have a fairy fountain that has been out of commission for two years. So, I will have a clear patio with a fire feature and a water feature!!! Get the San Diego Magazine out to my place STAT! haha.

Erik came over yesterday so we could record our podcast Laura Cain After Dark (which can be found on IHeartRadio and Spreaker) among other outlets. Anyway, the flowers that Evan received for her various performances these past two weekends were looking a little sad and stinky so Erik went ahead and fixed them all up. Amazing.

Laura Cain's Diary

You can listen to our podcast on Tuesday. My mom and Judy Church make a cameo so they can tell Erik that he needs to stop talking about butt stuff. hahahahaha.

Speaking of flowers and Evan, her last show was on Saturday. night. She wanted me and Antonio to be there and to come to the cast party, too. She loves him. Anyway, I worked the box office so I felt like I helped in some small way. I'm not good like that. I'm not one of those moms who volunteer for everything. I should be, but I'm not. I get intimidated. Anyway, here are some last pictures of her show. It sure was good and she was outstanding. The kid has "it," the mysterious and elusive "it."

Laura Cain's Diary
Laura Cain's Diary

In other news, I've had to cut down on my spending...a lot...and that mostly includes keeping myself maintained. So, no more nail salon. I found a solution to that, though. Glue on nails. Four bucks at Walmart. What do you think?

Laura Cain's Diary

One of them is hanging by a thread while I type this. I guess I need to keep the glue with me at all times. I also have about three fake lashes left on each eye. I've had lash extensions for the last two years! I love them! No mascara needed and I wake up looking somewhat decent. Well, they have to go as well. I'm sad but I think I will survive. The last thing to go is my hair extensions. That's going to be tough. My hair is so fine and it just doesn't grow. There are worse things in life to deal with. I've learned that over and over the last few months.

Life is good. This too shall pass. God's got this. And, my kids are healthy and that's all that matters.

See you next week, Diary.

Laura Cain

Laura Cain

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