I Don't Think I'm Ready For This Jelly

I have a message saved on my cell from 2015. It's from Evan. She sounds so sweet and so little. Since then her voice has changed, her body has changed (oh boy) but her attitude is still the same. She is a sweet, loving...um...I have a hard time saying this but...she's a young woman. Ahhhh!

what's that look?

That look! I am in trouble. Not to mention the fact that her waist is about a tiny as a thimble and her booty is big and round. She ordered this white dress from Fashion Nova. It might as well have been see-thru. It was super tight and all the boys AND girls were commenting on her figure. Dang. I don't know where she got that waist. My body goes like this...head, shoulders, boobs and then legs. I have no torso whatsoever. Her dad doesn't have a waist either...sorry Dave,

I had a great convo with ma boi (my boy) this weekend. He's loving his new living situation. He lives with four other guys in a great house near the campus. He is letting his hair grow out (thank God) and he has a very studious and cute girlfriend. Look at this precious picture of the two of them. This is a movie poster.

my boy and his girl

Facetime is the best. How did we live without it?

ma boi

So, what's going on with Antonio and I? We are getting closer. He is the greatest as far as taking care of things around the house. He's already fixed my blinds, my refrigerator door handle, he cleaned off the top of my fridge (which had things from 5 years ago up there. Crazy.) He makes me dinner, he's super handsome and he is a hand-holder. I haven't been with a hand-holder ever, I think. It's nice. We went to see a show at The Music Box on Friday night. We got to the ticket office at 8pm. The guy told us the main band (a Queen cover band) wasn't going on until 10:45pm. I was like...um, not happening. I'm too old and too tired. haha. We went to Queenstown for dinner instead.

dinner at queenstown

The thing is, I'm not sure I'm ready to have a full-fledged boyfriend. I may have one and not even realize it, but I kind of want to be with just me for awhile. And, honestly, I might want to date other people, too. Or do I? I'm obviously confused about the whole thing. Whatever the case may be, he is a great person with a funny sense of humor and a great outlook on life. Anyone would be lucky to be with him. What is my problem? Don't answer that question.

We were supposed to do a photo shoot for a friend of mine who is launching a jewelry line (all proceeds go to charity) on Sunday but the weather sucked. I had all my makeup on and everything. So, what did I do? I re-watched all of the 90-Day-Fiances, took a nap, ate in bed and then watched the best two hours of the week, the newest 90-Day-Fiance Before the 90 Days AND the first of FOUR hours of the reunion. I just love it so much. These people are so clueless. It baffles and entertains me. I love Angela and her Nigerian fiance Michael. She is always yelling at him and he just takes it. Cesar is just the saddest one of the bunch. That Ukrainian chick has no interest in him yet his is "in love" and sends her loads of money. How, not sure. He's a nail tech! Then there's Darcey. She wants a ring on that finger SO FRIGGIN BAD. And what does she do anyway? All her luggage is Louis Vuitton. Her scarves are Gucci. All her shoes have red bottoms and she had a Chanel backpack! If those are fakes, dang! I need that website.

Oh, I just have to tell you how much joy it brings me when listeners (former Jeff and Jer listeners) come up to me and tell me how much they miss us on the air. The sweetest couple came up to me on Saturday and said they appreciated my genuineness and my honesty and that they still listen to Jeff on KLOVE. And, they just so happened to run into Randy last week. Our listeners are/were/will always be the best.

Listeners and me

See you later, Diary.

Laura Cain

Laura Cain

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