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There Goes Another One...

Dear Diary,

I met a guy on Bumble who was so cute, I thought I was being catfished. He was 55, so incredibly handsome with salt and pepper hair. He was the perfect height for me at 6'. He lives in a well-to-do area and graduated from a great college. Well, we connected and he told me to call him before we met so we could see if we vibe or not. Fair. So, we played phone tag for a few days. I even did the most deadly thing...deadly for me anyway. I sent him a selfie with a "Hi, hope you're having a beautiful night." This is the pic I sent.

I should've sent this one because it's more accurate. haha

I say "deadly" because either they don't text back after I send a photo or they text something that's very bland. He actually texted "What a beautiful picture." That was nice. Anyway, I called him again yesterday and got his voicemail. He promptly texted me back...

"Hi Laura, I met someone wonderful last night and I want to see where this goes. Good luck on your search. Thanks for understanding."


I texted back that I was happy for him and I wished him luck. I also told him to circle back if things don't work out. I had my wedding planned out and everything. haha.

So, I paid a psychic 8 bucks to draw a picture of my soulmate. It was some goofy thing I saw on Etsy. I thought, what could it hurt? This is what the woman sent me. This is my future.

Well, he's got lots of hair and he's younger than me. Small eyes, but cute. Wouldn't that be crazy if I find someone that looks like that?

In other news, my middle and high school friend, Corey, came to San Diego with her kids last week. They all live in Berlin now, which is so cool. She was a guest on our podcast one night and stole the show. She's hysterical and a performer, too.

Evan and I went to Mission Beach to meet up with them one day last week, too. Such a beautiful day and such great conversation.

We had dinner that night at Guava Beach. Good food.

The Laura Cain After Dark podcast episode where we talk to Corey is called "Old Friends and Old Flames." You can find it right here.

You can look up Corey at or I just love that girl.

Last week, Linda and I gave our friend Laurie a head-to-toe makeover. I went out and bought her clothes and shoes and Linda did her hair and makeup. Here is Laurie before...

And here she is during...

I got some highlights, too. And, here's the final product...

I think women should do more stuff like that to and with other women. We need to boost each other up because it's rough out there!

Speaking of women and lifting each other up, I just love my new friends, Jodie and Penny. We met up this weekend at Harbor and Sky downtown. They are just great people and I'm so excited to continue to get to know them.

So, what is up with my home. Well, it's still not finished but it's almost there. They just need to install the floors and lights and a few little things and it'll be ready to move back into. I gotta say that I'm a bit disappointed in the kitchen. They literally tore out the entire thing just to reinstall the same cabinets and the same ugly brown granite. The floor is even the same...and the appliances. I do have a new faucets so for that I'm grateful.

The bathroom is 10 times better though. Before, the ceiling tiles were water stained (I ended up painting them off-white) and the tile was moss green and yellow. ew. Now it's bland but classy gray and white.

When we eventually look for a roomate, at least they will have a new, fresh bathroom. Antonio is supposed to be out by August 30th but it looks like he's slowed down on the moving out process. I need to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with him asap. Evan won't even go near our home if he's there. That's a whole other ball of wax.

Let me end with three things. First, my sweet boy, Charlie, and his girlfriend just celebrated their two year anniversary of being boyfriend/girlfriend (let's hope it stays that way for awhile.) No sudden elopements in my future, hopefully. Look how cute he is.

My other sweet boy Elvis gives the cutest looks. This is his POed look. Don't blame him because look what I did to him.

And this is his "let's go for a ride" face.

And, do I want to keep these chairs or sell them? They are up for sale but I like them a lot. I just don't have room for all the chairs I've collected. I am addicted to chairs, for some reason.

Oh, wait, one more's a little video I made of my latest Shein purchases.

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