She's Officially Here

Dear Diary,

So, I'm sitting here in my leopard chair doing traffic with my headset on and here she comes down the stairs headed to the new roommate. Not gonna lie, it's kind of weird seeing a strange woman in my house. Luckily, she's cool as heck. She's from Russia, lived in Spain for 5 years and now works here. I love her accent and I truly can't wait to get to know her more. I just hope she doesn't hate it here. We are kinda loud and we are definitely weird. Time will tell.

I have to admit that I am a little sad that Antonio won't be here anymore. Despite what he did as a boyfriend, he was a good roommate and friend, for that matter. It was just time for both of us to move on. Now I can resume a dating life. It was kind of hindered by the fact that my ex lived with me. Not a good look.

Because you read my Diary, I am going to post a few "teaser" photos from a shoot that Erik and
I had the other day at The Rady Shell for our podcast, Laura Cain After Dark. What a cool location. Our photog, Holly Oquist, did such a good job we don't know which one to use for the main pic! What do you think?





Thank you in advance for your help.

My longest and best friend, Stacey, came to town for a conference. I was able to spend two nights with her in her hotel room and then all-day Saturday. We went to OB to shop and poke around. Since she now lives in Washington, she wanted to touch the sand at the ocean.

Stace and I met in preschool when we were just 3 years old. Our parents were fast friends and would often visit each other for drinkies and ciggies while Stace and I played. We went thru elementary, junior high and high school together. We went to college together, too, at SDSU, where we were roommates for a time. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding, her sister, Kim, was the maid of honor. Then, she and her husband moved to Washington for a job and have been there ever since. I went with her to her mom's funeral. She was there for me when my dad passed away. We've been there in spirit for each other all these years. She even flew with me to Oregon to hold my hand as I entered rehab. She's there for the important things and always has been. We haven't seen each other in almost three years, but it doesn't even matter one bit. We are the same as we always have been together. That will never change. I love my Stace. I thank God for my Stace.

While we were in OB, we stopped by a cool T-Shirt booth. The guy took this photo of a shirt I bought and put it on Instagram this morning.


See you later, Diary. (A link to the podcast is below:))

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